Tuning and Regulation

There is more to maintaining your piano so that it gives you back its very best, than just a quick tuning, Here are the services we provide to give your piano the absolute best care and maintainance.



Piano Tuning

We always strive to provide the highest quality tuning services for in-home private clients, concert halls, recording studios, churches, hotels, nonprofit organizations, and contracts for public and private schools. The best way to put it - We are very fussy. It is always our goal to delight the client and exceed expectations. Regular tuning is the best thing you can do for your piano and your own pleasure in your instrument. It is an investment that pays for itself in countless ways.




From touch-up or partial regulation, to completely regulating the action back to factory specifications, we offer a full range of high-level action regulation for your piano. We can also adjust the touch of the action (within certain limits) to meet your requirements. Regulation is often the area that gets neglected, yet when properly regulated, your piano can give back so much more than what you might be used to.


Piano voicing improves the quality of your piano’s tone. Voicing is accomplished by softening or hardening hammer felt to achieve a desired tonal personality within your piano. Every individual piano possesses its own distinct colour or "voice", and can be modified by various adjustments. These might include all or some of the following steps:
  1. Aligning the hammers with the strings
  2. Reshaping hammers by sanding / filing a layer of felt off to eliminate grooves and to make sure the hammer strikes all its stings in unison.
  3. Ironing hammer felt or treating with lacquer or liquid plastic compounds (B72) to harden hammers as needed.
  4. Pricking hammer felt with needles to soften the felt, and by extension, your piano's tone.
Finally, it also must be noted that a piano's "voice" is very much affected by the room and furnishings where the piano sits. All these elements contribute to the overall sound of your piano.

Dampp-Chaser Installation

As a Certified Dampp-Chaser installer, we can install and repair the full line of Dampp-Chaser Piano Life-Saver Humidity Control Systems and products to best protect and maintain your piano's structural and mechanical integrity.