Repair and Restoration

Repair and restoration are areas that go beyond regular tuning and regulation services. Sometimes something on your piano breaks. It might be a key or a hammer or just a loose piece of ivory on that low E. Whatever it might be, we can handle it, either at your home or if a larger project, in our shop. We can repair everything from the piano case veneer to a broken pedal to a complete rebuilding.

Belly Work

Any major work on your piano that involves the pin block or soundboard, otherwise known as belly work, Is a serious and involved process. It is usually reserved for the finest of old classic pianos, such as Steinway or Mason & Hamlin because of its cost. But realize a fully restored grand piano from these manufacturers has a high resale value and in essence becomes a "new" piano for half the cost of the same piano manufactured new. It also extends the life of your piano for easily another two or three generations. This work is highly specialized and varies from piano to piano. We can provide this service which often also can include the refinishing of the piano case and replating all hardware as well. Please contact us if this is something you might be considering for your piano.


Action Rebuilding

The action (hammers, shanks, flanges, repetitions, key bushings) will wear over decades of use and after a certain point, replacement of some or all action parts will give your piano the touch, feel and sound as if it were new, and frankly, often better than new, given the improvement in technology, such as carbon fiber action parts as well as (humbly) our attention to detail. This is much less involved than belly work and is something we do in the shop by only removing your piano's action (keyboard and hammer assembly) so we can undertake the work in the shop under ideal conditions. It includes complete regulation and all necessary adjustments as the action is returned to your piano when the rebuilding is complete.